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Student Lead-On 2012

February 13, 2012

This year was the 25th annual Lead On conference and just over 400 students and professionals attended making it the largest Lead On in the history of Region 3! Wisconsin had a fabulous group attend with 7 students from UWL, one from River Falls, one from Eau Claire, as well as 2 students and one professional from Whitewater.

The experience at Lead On was excellent.  We got to see the outstanding facilities that Ohio State has to offer as well as the beautiful city of Columbus.  The sessions available to attend were excellent as well.  They ranged from resume techniques, staff training ideas, obtaining the best NIRSA experience, as well as finding that perfect job.  A few of our students also had the opportunity to attend an etiquette lunch supported by ORSA where they learned the proper ways to dine.  The conference also gave us the opportunity to attend a unique social held at a comedy club.  Conference attendees had the opportunity to eat dinner while watching our waiters perform comedic acts on stage.

Another major part of the conference was raising money for the Region 3 student scholarship.  As a region also did a tremendous job raising money from the student leaders pancake breakfast.  In addition, Wisconsin did a fantastic job raising 72 dollars for the Region 3 scholarship!  We raised more money than Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan!  We came in a close second to Ontario but I still think that is a huge accomplishment when comparing the states that we were competing with!  

Overall the state of Wisconsin had an excellent time enjoying the 25th annual Lead On!

 Mallory Gohl

WI State Student Representative


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